Company profile

Shenzhen giant sheng electronics co., LTD. Is a collection of mobile phone design, research and development, production, marketing, service as one integrated high-tech enterprises. We always adhere to market-oriented, science and technology innovation as the core, to customer service as the center concept of enterprise development! \"Ten years grinding sword, create brilliant\", giant sheng people hard, work hard; After careful investigation and research to the market analysis and consumer insight, become a committed to the development \"durable, useful, practical mobile communication enterprises. We rely on the perfect management system, the reasonable work process, try to improve work efficiency. Insist on the new process, new features, new concept of trying, was determined to \"prophet\" model of the mobile phone industry research and development. The \"good service\" is the brand of our service commitment, from the pre-sale, sale, after-sale three aspects to let partners to sell the rest assured, consumers buy happy.
      After years of development, the huge sheng electronics industry has a huge, huge doug, huge love three major brands. And have professional research and development team, has the ability to whole process of mobile phone research and development, including the appearance of the mobile phone, the structure and the motherboard hardware design and software development, etc.
     Giant sheng adhere to the \"people-oriented\" talent strategy, is committed to creating mechanism and atmosphere conducive to the development of the enterprise and the staff, let the employee and enterprise grow together, sharing management achievements, create brilliant. Company with scientific and open talent mechanism to attract the best talent to join, has a group of experienced, innovative research and development and the management of the core team. In the high-tech era of rapid development, talent is the key to economic growth and market competitive resources, huge sheng encourage employees to challenge themselves and improve the ability of comprehensive development, to make high performance result, its purpose is staff and the company grow together!
     Along with the rapid development of mobile information technology, giant sheng to do \"durable, useful, practical mobile phone\" product policy, \"honesty pragmatic, steady development\" business philosophy, will stand firmly the mobile phone brand in China.

corporate culture

Brand slogan: huge sheng -- huge quality, in the world; Giant soybean -- gold quality, heart service; Great love -- love infinity, big difference.
Business philosophy: integrity, eternal and steady innovation and enterprising; dare to challenge;
Enterprise philosophy: adhering to the commitment of fast and efficient high-quality products team to pursue excellence;
Quality concept: the quality is the soul of the brand, the development of the enterprise is closely related to the quality of the product, and the future will be unchanged from the future.
Talent philosophy: pay attention to the talented person's ability to use, strict supervision;
Service tenet: complete brand structure, excellent product quality, professional after-sales service, so that every consumer can truly feel the uniqueness of the service of great care.
Value philosophy: sincere and grateful mentality, honest and friendly way of facing customers, suppliers and others;
Partners: the ultimate realization of friendship and win-win cooperation;
Corporate vision: the company is the world's leading telecommunication enterprise by virtue of its healthy and benign operation philosophy.