Jusun C3

Describe:Full true voice wang, caller id, e-book, bluetooth
Size:External screen 2.0, internal screen 3.0
Color:Black, gold and brown

product details

Product appearance

Product function

Full true voice wang, caller id, e-book, bluetooth, FM, video playback image, QQ, family number, handwriting and other functions.

After-sale service

Contact number: 0755-66658278
From the date of purchase (subject to the purchase invoice), if the quality

problem or malfunction occurs, the quality inspection certificate of the

manufacturer's maintenance center or the special maintenance point shall be

Enjoy the return within 7 days, change the goods within 30 days, enjoy free

warranty and other three package services within the warranty period.
Note: to purchase the products of mobile phone accessories separately,

please keep the outer packing and original invoice of the accessories

intact. If you can't provide the above certificate, please
Unable to carry out normal parts warranty or replacement.