Parts supply

The company mobile phone after-sales service center (headquarters), through the corresponding sufficient, purchasing and warehouse inventory, real-time, reasonable cost to provide all each phone models motherboard/LCD modules/camera/nose/charger/lithium battery/headset/cable/pen/T card/electronic/shell and other accessories supply and the new service.

Detection of maintenance

The company mobile phone after-sales service center (headquarters), information collection, tests related to maintenance and supply after-sales business module and crossover operation mechanism, and perfect service system and cooperate with the professional logistics company perfect stereo express network such as aviation, railways, highways, or borrow from the domestic and international express delivery business, provide mail sent or after-sales service network at all levels and the repair station on-site inspection, maintenance, rapid, accurate and safe comprehensive after-sales service. Ensure that the average after-sales problem can be answered within 24 hours, within 48 hours, and within 72 hours.

Service concept

The company adhering to the "rapid, efficient and satisfied with" the service idea, timely set up unified identification and standard after-sales service centers nationwide, and strictly comply with the law of the People's Republic of China on product quality standard ", "consumer rights and interests of the People's Republic of China protects a law" and "mobile phone commodity is repaired change the responsibility that return money sets", for the majority of dealers and end users to provide the product of form a complete set pre-sale, sale and after-sales consulting and services, and advocates dealer participation at all levels, and at the same time accept the business guidance and supervision center and users.